The General Crypto Community

Our fast-growing community of informal advisors is a key General Crypto asset. These highly intelligent, hand-picked individuals advise our team on everything from the latest digital asset to their thoughts on future trend shifts about to take hold in the industry. Complimented by their independent thoughts, we’re able to compile a wide array of information to base decisions upon.

If you’re interested in joining the General Crypto Community, and our #collaborators Slack channel, please drop us a note with some information about yourself and your experience on our Contact page.

Klaus-Christian Glückert

VC and Angel Investor

Hassan Bhatti

EIR, Creative Destruction Lab – University of Toronto

Stefano Bernardi

Co-Founder and Partner at Mission and Market

Justin Mayers

Founder at Kettle & Fire

Maximillian Fox

Consultant at Cryptex LLC

Hartej Sawhney

Co-Founder at Zuldi

Johnny Steindorff

Co-Founder at Focus Investments

Jazear Brooks

Project Manager at Gigster

Alessandra Sollberger

Founder & CEO at Evermore Health

Tiffany Yu


Dr. Rhea Mehta

CEO and Co-founder at Bowhead Health

Robert Madelmayer

VP of Consumer Brands at E Group

Lars King

VP of Business Development at Clixxa

Tim McAtee

Researcher at Tim McAtee, LLC

Michael M Williams

Student at Colgate University & Trader

Jeff Fielkow

Environmental Entrepreneur & Crypto Investor

Jared Franka

Advisor/Blockchain Engineer